Carola Hoskins

Carola is the Principal Ecologist of Just Mammals Limited and holds an MSc in Environmental Conservation Management.

She has practical expertise with bats, birds, botanical assessments, mammalian and reptile surveys, both in the UK and overseas.

Carola has been employed as an hourly paid lecturer with the University of South Wales on overseas field courses and has worked in a Local Biological Records Centre whilst developing a broad range of skills and expertise.

As well as assisting in conservation-based research and a number of conservation projects, Carola has carried out biodiversity audits and ecological enquiries.

Carola holds NRW licences for otter, bats, white-clawed crayfish and great crested newts. She also holds a NE licence for bats.

Areas of interest include reptiles, birds and botany.

She is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (ACIEEM).

Carola Dallmeier

Interesting Fact

Carola's passion for ecology has involved her in catching bats in Borneo, iguanas in St. Lucia and birds in the UK. She has been part of a team of lecturers leading practical field courses at a field study centre in Borneo, where studies into crocodiles, frogs and proboscis monkeys provide variety to the curriculum.