Daniel White

Daniel is an Assistant Ecologist with Just Mammals Limited, having just completed his MSc in Wildlife and Conservation Management with the University of South Wales.

He has practical experience conducting reptile surveys and has taken part in a variety of other ecological surveys, including river surveys, botanical surveys and small mammal trapping. Daniel has also undertaken volunteer work with the Cambrian Wildwood in Mid-Wales.

In addition to an interest in reptiles and amphibians, Daniel also has a passion for restoration ecology and the roles played by different animals in the ecosystem. He is a Qualifying Member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).

Daniel White Just Mammals Consultancy

Interesting Fact

In his spare time Daniel has been researching a report of a colony of non-native Aesculapian snakes in South Wales, the only non-native species of snake reported to have become established in parts of Britain. This research involves confirming their presence in the area and collecting DNA samples from local specimens to try and establish the origin of these animals.