Phoebe Williams

Phoebe is an Assistant Ecologist with Just Mammals Limited and is currently studying towards her MSc in Wildlife and Conservation Management, at the University of South Wales. 

She has practical experience with bats, botanical assessments, mammalian and reptile surveys.  Prior to her role with Just Mammals Phoebe volunteered for over three years with Gwent Wildlife Trust, carrying out practical conservation management tasks, in addition to an array of wildlife surveys. 

Phoebe is working towards her great crested newt and bat licences.

She is a Student Member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).

Interesting Fact

Before working at Just Mammals, Phoebe was a Natural Talent Trainee based within the Natural Sciences department, at the National Museum of Wales.  With behind the scenes access to the museum’s collections, Phoebe studied Hemiptera, learning how to identify and survey for leafhoppers and planthoppers.