Rob Morgan

Robert is an Ecologist with the company and has over ten years' experience with bats, carrying out roost surveys, emergence surveys, radio tracking of lesser horseshoes and monitoring of important sites.

Robert has considerable expertise in analysing bat calls recorded the field and identifying the species from the resultant sonograms and holds a NRW licence to disturb all species of bat.

He has also supervised numerous projects as an Ecological Clerk of Works, including the demolition of bat roosts and provision of mitigation measures.

Robert is also very experienced with respect to dormice, a species he has been working with for over fifteen years and holds an NRW licence to work with the species.

He has been monitoring several populations of the species in south and mid-Wales for many years.

In addition, Robert has assisted with great crested newt surveys, otter and water vole surveys, nesting bird surveys and the translocation of slow-worms and other reptile and amphibian species.

Rob Morgan Just Mammals Consultancy

Interesting Fact

Rob's discovery of a barbastelle bat roosting in a barn was only the third record for this species in Brecknock VC42. It is unusual for this rare bat to be found in a barn, as most records will be for tree or cave sites. In June 2011, Rob made this extraordinary find!